Why Qigong at QCL?

Qigong is an ancient science, a physical meditation, designed to get your body’s energy and blood flow moving in a certain way, for a specific purpose – each qigong posture or movement is designed to help strengthen specific channels in the body, which would normally weaken over time.

There are fundamental postures of Qigong, and then there are advanced posture to help with the fundamental postures and movements. It is important to understand that fundamental means foundation not “basic” making them absolutely essential in the practice.

We will be teaching both the fundamentals and advanced lessons which is unlike any other qigong system you may have practiced before. It is a highly intense practice, mentally and physically for the purpose of strengthening the mind and body.

Qigong Classes London (QCL) provides a unique, powerful system of qigong that has never before been publicly taught, previously reserved only between a master and his student in an ancient Daoist clan, that goes back over 5000 years.

This lineage based qigong is as much a science as it is an art form which is why it can accelerate and amplify the results from training. Normal qigong classes have only begun to scratch the surface of the power of qigong which we hope you can discover through QCL.

What are the Benefits of Qigong Classes at QCL?

From the very first session, you will feel a significant difference in the way your brain communicates with the rest of your body. This form of qigong was primarily developed to strengthen the nervous system which is why its effects run deep into the body to improve physical strength, stamina and promote healing processes. It creates stronger nerves to be able to handle mental and physical stress whilst sharpen all your senses. It targets the major muscle groups and tendons in the body in a way you have never experienced, adding a whole new dimension to fitness.

Regardless of your current fitness level, whether you are beginner or a natural born athlete, this form of qigong will challenge you mentally and physically; you can be sure to break a sweat to say the least.

Benefits of QCL include:

  • Stronger muscle and tendons
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved immune function
  • Stress relief
  • Re-align spinal column
  • Heightened awareness

You will be buzzing with energy when you complete a session.

Who Can Practice Qigong?

Anyone. It is open to all ages and backgrounds of people. If you have injury or any medical condition, let us know before class and the qigong classes can be tailored to your capabilities.

Why Qigong? What About Yoga and Tai Chi?

There are many ways to the top of the mountain so to speak and qigong is not the only way, but consider the following points if you want to learn any of these forms:

1. Authenticity: This is very important when trying to learn a science like Qigong, to have an authentic teacher, with a background you can trust. These days, you just have to google, and see that almost anyone can become a Yoga teacher by simply doing a short course, which is great – but the problem with that is, it misses out the science behind each posture.

2. Experience: The more openly available some knowledge is, the easier it is to become distorted over time. So along with authenticity, you need accurate, experiential knowledge to learn effectively. As this particular system of qigong has only been taught within the lineage, the original understanding and essence of the practice is still alive. It minimizes chances of injury and maximizes the speed at which you will see results.

Tai Chi and yoga may suit certain individuals more than others, each with their unique purpose but with this form of qigong, you know you will be getting authenticity and experience in every class. And whilst it may be challenging comparatively, it makes the training all the more fruitful and worthwhile.