When Should I Practice Qigong?

qigong practice timeTiming of practicing qigong, let alone anything else in life, is everything – often people ask the question, that when is the best time to practice qigong?

When you are starting out your Qigong, and building your routine, it is fine to practice Qigong anywhere where you are not affected by too much direct sunlight and windy weather – the point of it is to start building your system so that you can start feeling energy circulation in your body (sometimes women feel it easier than men, but this is only because of the nature of male energy as it is not a receiving kind of energy).

But there are better timings of practicing Qigong compared to other times – and the most ideal times are always before sunrise – even the act of waking up before sunrise itself, makes you more naturally tuned towards nature and the way of nature compared to waking up after the sun has already risen.

Some teachers have stated that 4am in the morning is a great time to practice Qigong – most people of course, are too lazy to even wake up at that time, let alone practice training during those hours; but if you do happen to practice during this time, you will notice the difference in energy of practicing during that time, compared to practicing during later afternoon where the body is much more lazy (usually around 3pm).

At the end of the day, if you have no choice in timings – then it is better to have a daily practice on afternoons, then to have no practice and training at all – as you will still improve if you keep it up – but it is a good idea to at least experience the 4am training perhaps on a weekend or a time where you think you want to experience it.

Also – please note – that when practicing Qigong, or even Yoga for an hour – it is best not to open windows or drink cold water right after practicing as this is counter-productive, as well as dangerou – during training, your pores open up, and even a light breeze can cause a muscle to tighten up or you to catch a cold – the more you train, you will feel and see this better anyway.