Taoist Soap Review



Having used a lot of Eastern medical products in my life, and the background of studying Eastern Medicine as well as Qigong, I understand there are many ways to produce medicine, even in form of soap and oils as well as the traditionally known pills.

I came across this soap called the Taoist soap which was for skin and scalp; designed for inflammation and halting hair problems. The main seller seems to be based in the UK.

After using it, I thought it would just be an average soap, and nothing special. But I still used it anyway, since I had in the shower. I only realized something had changed when people started to say I look different (which I assumed was my regular practice of qigong which makes you look younger at times) – but only when I went to my barber shop, my hair cutter told me about how my hair is growing back again, and that he thought I would have lost it by the end of the year! I was firstly surprised at that comment, as it was kind of a shock (as we don’t normally talk that much); and then he started telling the other hair cutters, about how he thought I would have lost all my hair by the end of the year or so – and then they asked me what I do or did for it (and if I even got a hair transplant or something).

Since that trip, I have decided to stock this in my Qigong class shop, for any of my students – that is how much I appreciate this company who sold me the Taoist bar – it is not every day you come across a product that works – usually it’s silly products that say all kinds of things, but are nothing short of a scam; I mean, look at all those anti-aging creams, from L’oreal to god knows what, they have survived the test of time, but we all know they don’t work – they are just make up for the skin, and not actually causing any kind of change.

I normally won’t ever recommend a product, unless I know it works; especially not on my own blog for Qigong. And the soap that is sold in our Qigong class shop, is only for the students who come regularly, not anyone else as it is a closed class.

To review the Taoist support team: I just have to say, that they have been helpful and are very knowledgeable on eastern and western medicine. Although they legally have to say they cannot constitute medical advice, they are right on the point when it comes to the concepts and theory of Eastern medicine.