Improve your Acupuncture Ability with Qigong

acupuncture qigong


Acupuncture is a huge healing art that is so vast, that its effectiveness greatly depends on your ability to project energy and intention – some acupuncture systems are very robotic, where their idea is that each point activates something; although this is true to some extent, it is not accurate, as there is a whole lot more to it than just that.


There are certain postures which will open up channels to help you needle better – and needling skills are a huge part of the battle when treating patients, especially when they are more serious patients with more severe conditions.

The way that acupuncture really works is at the energetic level – the best way to understand this, is the way an acupuncture Doctor described it in this video here. He says the following in the video: 

Dr. Jingduan Yang explained:

Well, actually that was happening before we start the class, a heart surgeon came to me said, “Jing, can you explain to me how acupuncture works?”

So, I said, “Well, we have three minutes before the class starts let me give a try.”

I said, “You’re a surgeon, if you look at me through your naked eyes, what do you see?”

His eyes were closed and all that. I said, “If you see me behind X-ray machine, what do you see?” He said, “I bypass everything, I see your bones.”

I said, “Okay, how about MRI machine and the CT scan, PET scan, so on and so forth, and so you’re going to see different part of me?” He said, “Yes.” How about imagine you have quantum glasses or a machine that you see everything at the quantum of that, when you look at me, what do you see?” And he paused.

I said, “You might bypass all the structures, everything you see me is my energetic existence. My organs is energetic center shining with colors and you see more comprehensive energetic network throughout me every time my heart beats, any physical function, manual function, you see is supported by the whole energetic network and on the surface of the body, they have openings like window, like doors communicating with the energy in the environment. That’s the acupuncture point.

By stimulating the point, you can regulate your energy flows, you can balance the nature of it, you can unblock the energy channels and you can actually even supplement the energy using the natural energy in the environment.

That’s how acupuncture works. 

This is one of the most complete explanation of acupuncture that I have seen online – so I thought I would share it – as it also explains how Qigong will affect your acupuncture ability.