Does Qigong Help Heal Internal Body Issues?


Qigong is an ancient art designed to help people maintain their health, and prevent illness – but not only that; it helps with several conditions (including serious diseases which are life threatening) – but of course this depends on the disease’s stage, and the mobility of the patient.

In all cases, practicing qigong as a part of your lifestyle will not only make you look younger, but also feel younger; and practicing it regularly, you would be able to maintain a certain look and health throughout your life. 

The postures that will be taught in the Qigong lessons will surely help overcome diseases, from small issues with weight and even hair conditions.

You will also be taught methods of eating which support your qigong practice. In general, all sugars are against the human health – please read the article “Does Eating Sugar Affect Hair loss?” to find out more – it explains how sugar is the source for diseases like cancer – as it is the primary food for inflammation.

But how does Qigong actually work on the body – in terms of Western Science?

Qigong is an energetic science as much as it is an exercise and meditative posture – by staying in certain positions for certain periods of time, you can open up areas in the body which are blocked, or could be weak – for example – if you suffer from a kidney condition, there is a posture designed for helping renew the kidneys – it gently but powerfully increases the body’s attention towards the kidneys.

This art has been never explained even in this much detail to the general public, as the tradition of secrecy was practiced – if you are curious to know more, please do ask in class, as it is another topic, but very interesting.

The posture positioning as well as the fact certain tendons and muscles which are not easy to exercise, are exercised and strengthened, has an uplifting effect internally as well as externally (you look even better!) – this is something that you have to practice to experience.

The visualizations of the postures, what you imagine, think, and how you breathe are also important, and you are taught this too – this is why, it is vital to be taught by a real teacher who has been taught strictly in all the above components.