Benefits of Daoist Medical Qigong

When looking for the ultimate system for exercise that you can do all your life without damaging your body, there really is no better system I have seen that can beat Qigong; dubbed as the “chinese yoga” – of course, this is not precise, but it explains the basics to people who previously did not know about the art (sometimes also pronounced Chi Kung).

Shot from the movie karate kid - teacher teaching student via direct experience

Shot from the movie karate kid – teacher teaching student via direct experience

So what are the benefits of this specific lineage system?

The first thing most people like to understand before practicing any martial art or exercise is learn the benefits; if it would be worth their time doing – this is the wrong approach.

To really find the benefits of anything, be it Qigong or Yoga or whatever you’re thinking of looking into, it is better that you first practice it yourself via an authentic teacher who is not simply commercializing the art, but actually preserving the art and passing it on for its immense benefits and healing.

Generally speaking, of course you will gain benefits; what do you think super health means? What does it mean to you?

What if I told you that you will gain all those benefits of your own definition of super health, but also more than you possibly imagined; problem is, explaining it here in a blog post really does not do it justice – its like trying to explain how beautiful a professional pianist played the song using words; its possible, but you lose a lot of data, where you simply cannot communicate it accurately and it does not feel right.

How can I know I would like it if you don’t clearly explain the benefits, it sounds weird to me…

Yes, it sounds strange to hear such a reply to a post titled “benefits of qigong” – but if you want to learn, the attitude must be correct; and this is not understood by many people – experience is the best teacher, using words is silly when you can come in for a free class and try it out yourself, for no cost but the effort to come to class.