Qigong Classes in London

Physical power, Super-Immune system and dangerous levels of intuition; the human body is seemingly limitless. Those of who are able to carry out powerful feats have one thing in common; physical meditation, or better known as Qigong.

The Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics in the Pyramids to the Mayan cave paintings; even the Daoist brush drawings all point to the system of physical meditation called Qigong.

Daoist qigong London

The only place where you can learn Authentic Qigong which has been passed down from an unbroken Lineage for thousands of years, previously a closely guarded secret, now available to learn by everyone who wants to improve their health – here in London, UK.

These are just some of the benefits of practicing Qigong:

Tissue Regeneration: Not only will you have a much more youthful appearance, you will not get sick easily, as your immune system will be allowed to strengthen.

- Increased Bone Density: Having healthy bones and tendons is one of the secrets to a very healthy and long life, this cannot be achieved by simply going to the gym, as that only works out the cardio and muscular system (although it still helps the bones and tendons, but not directly like Qigong).

There are endless benefits to practicing Qigong – and it simply requires your commitment to do it regularly on your own and in a class environment; the energy is doubled and even tripled in classroom environments simply because there are many people practicing it at the same time.

Details for our Qigong Classes in London: 

7:00pm to 8:00pm – Mondays and Wednesdays

Charges are £15 per session – or book 3 months in advance with discount at £12 per session (total of 12 sessions with the price of £144).

Private one-to-one Qigong Classes in London: 

Please email with your details on when you like to come to attend a 1-1 class.

1-1 Qigong Classes are available most of the weekdays – charged at £40 per session – which is a minimum of one hour long.

Qigong Classes are in North London now.

Location of Classes:

Kailash Centre
7 Newcourt Street
St Johns Wood
London, NW8 7AA

Please text us at 07413-728-524 before coming – we welcome all age groups and people from all walks of life.